PPC Advertising

PPC Advertisements to stay ahead of the competition

Looking to maximize your ROI and beat the competition? PPC advertisements can help you reach your business goals. It is an effective advertising strategy that enhances your brand’s visibility by reaching the target audience. We at The Appeal Guru have been helping numerous businesses amp up their sales through our highly organized and properly targeted PPC advertising.

Perks of Using PPC Advertising:

Witness immediate results

Reach the target audience easily

Get ahead of your competitors

Qualified leads mean better conversion rates

Gain better brand visibility

Our PPC Services Include:

  • Setting up of the account
    Our team will take care of your PPC marketing from start to finish. It also includes helping you set up your own for Google Ads.

  • Creating landing pages
    A landing page is a must for your ad campaigns. We can help you create a killer landing page to attract more clicks and sales.

  • Paid Ads
    Become visible to your target audience through our well-structured PPC campaigns.

  • Create display Ads
    We create effective display ads for driving your business better visibility sales by driving more sales and revenue

  • Social media Ads
    Stay at the helm by including social media ads in your marketing campaigns.

  • Local Ads
    Target the potential customers from your own location through local ads,

  • Google Shopping Ads
    Use these ads to display your products in the carousel form right on top of the relevant search campaigns.

  • Campaign building
    Our campaigns are built to target your audience and create qualified leads.

  • PPC performance analysis
    We create all-inclusive and easy-to-understand PPC performance analysis reports, so we are always on the same page.

Why use our PPC Advertising service?

  • Years of experience
    Our team has run hundreds of PPC campaigns for numerous clients spread across the globe. Please make use of our experienced team for a successful PPC campaign.

  • A dedicated panel of experts
    For all our projects, irrespective of whether big or small, we will help you with a dedicated project manager who will be responsible for your PPC campaigns from start to finish

  • Improved ROI
    By reaching the target audience, our PPC campaigns will help you generate more qualified leads which mean higher chances of conversions.

  • Transparency through frequent reporting
    Our team will keep you posted with all the updates, including the performance analysis of each campaign. We will analyze our performances periodically and adjust our strategies accordingly.

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