Having a high rank in the Amazon search results can significantly boost the sales of your product. But in order to have a high rank in Amazon, your product needs to get in front of more potential customers.

Amazon Sales Rank

An Amazon Sales Rank is a number that ranges from 1 to 1,000,000 (or more, depending on the current product category). It represents how well your product is selling with other products in the same category. The lower the number, the better a product is doing.

You can check the Amazon Sales Rank for any product on its product page. Just look for the “Product Information” section of the page, and Amazon will display that product’s sales rank for its extensive product category as well as its specific product category.

How to Boost your Amazon Sales Rank

Your Amazon Sales Rank doesn’t solely rely on your total sales. It is based on how good your product is selling from time to time. With that in mind, boosting and maintaining a good Amazon Sales Rank will require you to have consistency in your sales.

Here are five tips on how you can boost your Amazon Sales Rank:

1) Optimizing your Product Description

Your customers will want to know more about your product. This is where a great product description comes in.

You would want to include relevant keywords in your product description. It is also essential to make your product engaging for your customers. You can list down your product’s best features in a bulleted list. Most customers prefer to scan for good features rather than reading long texts.

Product Description
Amazon Product Title

2) Create a great Product Title

Your Product Title is the first thing your customers will notice. Ensure that your Product Title will grab your customer’s attention and match what they are searching for.

Research on relevant keywords about your product and adjust your title accordingly. You can also check your competitor’s product title and figure out their approach in naming their products.

Aside from having a good product title, you can also include as many descriptive keywords as possible. Adding your product’s brand, model, size, color, etc., can also do you great.

3) High-quality Product Images

Having a high-quality product image can also boost your sales. You can add up to 9 product images, including your product’s main image.

A high-quality product image should occupy 80% of the allowed space. Your product should also be appropriately focused, well lit, and easily recognizable by your customers. Also, don’t forget to put your product on a clear, white background.

Amazon Product Images
amazon product reviews and ratings

4) Get more reviews and ratings

Customers read reviews and ratings before they buy products on Amazon. Review and rating are critical for your product’s growth. They also provide proof that your product is high-quality.

Most customers will rely on your product’s reviews and rating. It is important to encourage your customers to leave their honest opinion of your product.

5) Competitive Pricing

Your product’s pricing is a vital factor in Amazon. Having a competitive price will ensure you won’t miss sales, and your Amazon Sales Rank will not suffer.

Also, competitive pricing is the key to winning the Buy Box/Featured Offer in Amazon, which leads to increased sales.

amazon product pricing