If you’re an Amazon Seller already selling products through the Amazon marketplace, Sponsored Products Ads offers additional solutions for your advertising. This enables sellers to promote their product listings through keyword-objective ads.

Sponsored Products Ads can also be an extra option for you to boost your product sales. Here are some of the benefits of Sponsored Products Ads:

Increase Product Visibility

Sponsored Products Ads use specific keyword targeting to provide product listing in related searches. This can potentially put your products in front of potential consumers looking to make a purchase.

The ads can pop up on the top of the page, or within the search results and on the product detail page itself. It’s an excellent way to increase product visibility and attract consumers to your listings.

Flexible Pay Per Click

By using Sponsored Products Ads, you’ll only pay whenever your ad is clicked on. This puts you in control over the amount you spend by giving you the freedom to set the maximum bid you are willing to pay for every click.

Amazon Sponsored Ads


Your Sponsored Products Ads can be seen across different devices, whether desktop computers or mobile devices. This makes your ad visible to various consumers.

Promotion of Seasonal Products

Sponsored Products Ads can also give you the potential to sell seasonal items ahead of time. You can have your season-sensitive products extra visibility ahead of time. This is another excellent way to boost sales for seasonal products.

How to run Sponsored Products Ads

Now that we’ve learned the importance of Sponsored Products Ads to your Amazon Seller Account, let’s move on how to run it.

You must ensure first that you are meeting the following requirements before running a Sponsored Products Ads campaign on Amazon. This includes the following:

  • Amazon Seller Account: All advertisers should have an active Amazon Seller Account.
  • Shipping: All advertisers should be able to ship the products anywhere in the country they are in.
  • Amazon Brand Registry: This is specifically required when using a headline search ad. This is primarily used to protect intellectual properties and provide an increased user experience.

When all requirements are met, you can now set up your Sponsored Products Ads Campaign. Here are the steps to follow in setting up your Sponsored Products Ads:

Step 1: Go to the Campaign Manager in Amazon Seller Central and ensure you’re on the Sponsored Products tab, not the Headline Search Ads tab.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Create campaign’ button.

Step 3: Create your campaign’s name, duration and budget. For your campaign’s name, it is highly recommended to include your sponsored products name together with your target advertising cost of sales (ACoS).

Step 4: Decide whether you want to run a manual or automatic targeting campaign. Once decided, you’re already done.

Difference of Manual and Automatic Campaigns

Manual Campaigns will let you set your own keywords for your products. This will give you more control of the bid price, and you will be able to tailor-fit your bids to either maximize your sales or hit your target ACoS.

Automatic Campaigns will let Amazon use the product information to target the ads to all relevant searches. You will not be able to choose keywords, and this will let Amazon be in control of your bids. Automatic Campaigns are great for beginners because of their simple setup.