AMAZON A+ Content or Amazon Enhanced Brand content (EBC)

Amazon offers A+ content to merchants on the Vendor Central sales platform as a way add more appealing, in-depth information to their listing’s product description.

AMAZON A+ Content Or Amazon Enhanced Brand content is a premium content feature offered by Amazon, that enables you to add additional images and text placements in the product description field of a branded ASINs. According to Amazon, A+ Content has the potential to increase your sales

by 3-10%. The central objective of adding Enhanced Content to your Amazon product listing is increasing conversions.

Adding A+ content to your product listing can result in:

  • Higher conversion rates: The EBC help customers better understand and visualize how your product solves their needs and can thereby inspire the final click on the ‘Buy’ button.
  • Reduced return rate: a deeper understanding of your product and its benefits ensures that customers can make a better purchase decision and don’t feel the need to return your item.
  • Positive reviews: More information and better purchase decisions lead to happier customers leaving raving reviews.
  • Increase ROI of PPC campaigns: getting people to click on your PPC campaign is one thing, inspiring them to buy the product another. Convincing and appealing A+ Content helps with the latter, thereby reducing the costs of each advertised sale to increase your overall ROI
Features EBC Basic EBC Advanced EBC Engineered
Design EBC/A+ page to make your product alluring Premium EBC with 3 Image Sections Highly Converting EBC with 5 Image Sections Highly Converting EBC with 6 Image Sections
EBC Header UP TO 300 Words Words Researched Copywriting Content Up To 350 Words Words Researched Copywriting Content Up To 550 Words Researched Copywriting Content
Full EBC template or custom module images
Images for A+ modules
Unique and professional designs
Unlimited Images
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