It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Why wait until your account is suspended to take action? Amazon sends out policy warnings which alert you in advance about any down comings reported to your account. Rather than sitting silently and hoping that the situation will not get worse, it is suggested that you take immediate action and likewise inform the seller performance team about it. We term it as a Pre-Plan of Action and is similar in nature to the Plan of action appeals. There are several times we have experienced that seller-performance sets out warnings and actions taken on the accounts accordingly prevent suspension.These warnings can be of various natures including :

  1. Inauthentic product listing warning
  2. Products that do not comply with domain policies
  3. Account health related warnings
  4. And many more…

Get in touch with us if you get any type of warning notification and we will help you resolve it so that your account remains active.

Suspension Prevention

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