Amazon SEO- The Introduction

When it comes to SEO, we all think Google is what it should be. As a seller, your focus should not only be on your website. Because that’s not the only place where you can sell your products and services. Unless you have amazing search engine rankings for your website. Amazon is one of the topmost online marketplaces, the chances of your product reaching the right customers are higher. Well, not really. To get your products to rank high on Amazon, there is an amount of work involved in SEO of your Amazon page.

It is important to get your Amazon SEO right to get more traffic and sales. Amazon algorithm works differently from that of Google SEO. Let’s understand the entire Amazon algorithm and ways to boost your Amazon SEO.

What is the Amazon A9 ranking algorithm?

The search engine algorithm of Amazon is known as A9 which was designed by Amazon itself. Amazon A9 algorithm works on a simple keyword search method. In another word, presenting the customers with the product that matches their search query. This is how the Amazon A9 algorithm works. It focuses on maximising their customer satisfaction by helping them pindown their search for the right product in as much less time as possible. With this algorithm, Amazon is doing exactly what it wants its customers to be happy and satisfied.

How Amazon’s SEO works exactly?

A customer puts his/her item of interest in the search space. If the keyword on the customer’s search matches with the keyword of your product listing, then that product is most likely to get featured in the search.

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Ways to boost your Amazon SEO

  • Add all the relevant keywords

    Missing the top keywords will not help you attain traffic. So make sure to add them somewhere in the product listing. You can also include some in the backend keywords.

  • Work on your listing

    Improvise your listing in a way that sounds more than just a bunch of keywords stuffed together. Writing your product description like stories will help your customers to connect with your product and enhance your conversions.

  • Optimise the images

    Adding in high-quality images are more likely to get clicks and conversions. Follow the Seller Central Product Image Guidelines for a better understanding of image optimisation.

  • Get feedback and reviews from customers

    Amazon algorithm will also focus on reviews and ratings. So focus on getting more positive reviews which will have a good impact on your SEO. Going against Amazon’s terms of service for attaining good reviews by paying incentives to your customers or by buying reviews will lead to affecting your Amazon SEO badly in the future.

  • Optimise your URLs

    By adding the keywords to your URLs, you can directly drive your customers from the search engines to your product page.

  • Audit your listing regularly

    Look over your listing so that you can make them better for the customers to read and get converted. Most of the customers don’t read the entire listing. So find ways to make your listing as easy for your customers to skim through. Talk about the benefits that your customers can get. Incorporate a story with which they can connect.

  • Amazon PPC for more sales and rankings

    Sponsored ads on Amazon just like on Google are placed on top of any searches that are relevant to your keywords. Through Amazon PPC, many brands launch their new products and also achieved better rankings.


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