As an Amazon seller, it is important to maintain good seller feedback ratings. But there are so many misconceptions and confusions about the seller feedback ratings. Let’s clear that up for you in this blog. So read on to know everything you as an Amazon seller must know about the seller feedback ratings.

Not all sellers are aware of the ways to pursue customers in giving good seller feedback. As an online marketplace giant, Amazon analyses and monitors these seller feedback ratings. These ratings help the customers in distinguishing between genuine and bad sellers.

What exactly is Amazon seller feedback rating?

A system where customers can know the seller’s performance as an Amazon seller. They can read the reviews and also check the type and number of products listed by the sellers. Seller feedbacks can be used to understand the speed of delivery, quality of the product and how well the seller interacts with the customers’ queries.

How can buyers give their seller feedback?

Amazon buyers can provide feedback in two ways. Either go to the seller feedback page directly or provide the feedback on the order page. It must be noted that the seller feedback is not the same as the product review. Seller feedback depicts the performance of the seller, customer experiences, packaging and shipping. On the other hand, the product reviews are all about the performance or quality of the product and it has no connection with the sellers’ performance.

Here’s why having good seller feedback is important

  • Good ratings can increase your chances of winning a buy box

  • Help you become eligible for seller coupons

  • Having lower or negative ratings can even revoke your seller account. So beware.

How can you get positive seller feedback from your buyers?

To get positive feedback all you have to do is strategise your entire system.

  • Be particular about packaging and shipping your products

  • Send tracking information

  • Provide a speedy delivery of your products

  • Make your product listings clear and concise

  • Focus on the images as well.

  • Opt for automated returns and refunds

  • Use Amazon’s request a review tab

  • Send emails asking for reviews

What should be your approach to negative seller feedback?

If you are a seller using FBA, then negative feedback received would be possible due to the damage caused while shipping, the delivery person delivering to the wrong address, or the wrong product sent etc. So if the product description has nothing to do with your seller performance, then you request for the removal of this feedback.

Another way to deal with negative seller feedback is to contact the customer directly. It will require you to be polite and accept if it was your mistake. Investigate the issues and offer possible solutions. Then politely ask them to remove the negative feedback. You can contact the customer through their email address which can be found in the feedback manager section.

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