High-Quality Video Production Services

Did you know that 86% of businesses use video content for marketing? So what’s holding you up?

Jump on the bandwagon by incorporating video content into your marketing activities. All you need is a partner who you can trust. We at The Appeal Guru have years of experience producing video content that has benefited our clients in many ways. From increased sales leads to building brand awareness, our high-quality video content production services have easily helped our clients reach their business goals.

Reasons behind the growing popularity of video marketing:

1. Build brand awareness

2. Create better quality leads

3. Build a strong online presence

4. Enhance your website ranking

5. Engage your customers

Types of video content we produce:

  • Brand films
  • Animation videos

  • Company introduction videos

  • Educational videos

  • Documentary videos

  • Tutorials

  • How-to videos

  • Product videos and more

Our Video Production Services includes:

  • Scriptwriting
  • Video designing strategy
  • Storyboarding
  • In-house voiceover

  • Professional 4K and HD Cameras

  • High end camera cranes & tripods

  • Video editing

  • Visual effects

  • Animation production

Our video production process involves:

Planning and preparation
This pre-production phase is highly crucial for us. Our team will discuss and understand your needs. Our team will create a comprehensive schedule and structure for the entire shoot through proper planning and preparation.

Now is the time to put all the plans into action. Our team of cinematographers are experienced in shooting high-quality videos in the studio or any location required as per your needs.

This is the post-production phase, where our editors turn the raw footage into a work of art. You name it, from animation to visual effects, and we got it.

Final delivery
We will deliver the video in the file format of your choice. From uploading the video to any social media channel to embedding the same into your website, our team will be at your service to fulfil all your video marketing needs.

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