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01. Copyright Infringement Complaints on Amazon

Amazon is the largest and most popular retailing website in the world. Thousands of suppliers are selling their products on the platform.

02. Inauthentic Item Complaint

One type of customer complaint that sellers will recurrently experience is inauthentic product complaints.

03. Intellectual Property Rights Complaint

As an Amaxon Seller, it is important to be aware that there has recently been an increase in Amazon complaints relating to Intellectual Property.

04. Linked Account Complaint

Linking your Amazon accounts is the foundation to selling across Amazon’s European, North American and Japanese marketplaces.

05. Order Defect Rate

Order Defect Rate (ODR) is one of the most important performance assessment metrics used by Amazon to evaluate the performance of the Seller.

06. Product Not as Described

Sometimes it appears that a product is not as described on Amazon.

07. Review Manipulation Complaint

Review manipulation is when Amazon claims you did something to obtain positive reviews.

08. Sales Rank Manipulation Complaint

According to the update, Amazon Sellers are no longer allowed to manipulate their product’s ranking.

09. Seller Code of Conduct

Amazon enables you to reach hundreds of million of customers.

10. Used Item Sold as New

You check your email and realize Amazon has sent you a message suspending your account due to a “used item sold as new” complaint.

11. Velocity Review

Velocity limits are designed to protect customers against orders being placed that cannot be fulfilled.

12. Verification Failure

Amazon will tell you why you have failed verification.