• We started this service with one aim in mind which was to help businesses understand the significantly growing global demand for shopping online.
  • Businesses on Amazon are especially privileged as it has proven itself to be the best shopping portal for customers across the world.
  • This brings challenges for businesses trading on Amazon as Amazon constantly changes the way it is operating,and it is becoming more difficult than ever before.
  • Our team has grown several healthy and profitable businesses on Amazon Marketplace in the last few years and we wanted to assist other businesses by replicating our unique business model which has been tested and proven to be profitable.


  • We want our clients to imagine the flexibility of not having to go to work and be stuck in that 9am-5pm vicious cycle for the rest of their lives.
  • We treat our clients as our business partners and want to make sure they live the life they deserve.
  • The question we are asking is what ACTIONS would they take if we offered them the opportunity to change their lives?
  • Selling on Amazon is a 100% PROVEN method. We know this because Amazon sales are projected to account for 13.7% of all e-commerce transactions in the world and more than 50% in the UK in 2019. (www.statista.com)
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  • We promise that you will make a great living out of this business model as long as you are willing to put your time and effort into this business.
  • Our team of experts will dedicate their time to your selling account and mentor you to take the necessary steps to become a significant e-commerce trader even if you have never started an online business before!
  • We areNOTone of those start-up firms who is trying to sell you a one off online course anddisappear!
  • You may feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start! You may think that you do not have the technical skills!
  • We WILL make sure our team is always there to support you to grow your business and bring the know-how we have developed over the last few years.
  • We know that all we need is your dedication and time input into this business and we will help you get there!
  • We tried to demonstrate just a little bit of what can REALLY be achieved when you start selling on Amazon with our tried and tested retail arbitrage business model which has worked for us personally and is still going strong.
  • We can imagine you saying “This is too good to be true”! Seriously? The data is out there, there are approximately 800,000 sellers according to Amazon itself. These sellers have already dedicated themselves to selling on Amazon.
  • This is why we are here to show you and assist you throughout the journey to become one of the successful sellers on Amazon.

You now have two options ahead of you:

1- You go out there and learn this all by yourself…


2- You come on board with us, allow us to help you automate this business model and build your sucessful e-commerce empire!

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Appeal Guru success stories


Appeal Guru success stories


  • Appeal Guru Limited is offering to provide consultancy work for Clients for their e-commerce business basedon Amazon selling portal.
  • Relax! Our team of experts will scout the best selling products for you.
  • We will make sure we mentor you to build a successful e-commerce profile.

  • We will monitor your account constantly and advise you what to do!

  • Our team will make this extremely easy and we guarantee this proven method will make your your jaw drop when you see how quickly the sales in your store can significantly grow in the next few months!

  • Our team of experts work very hard – day and night, to ensure we build a sustainable business for our clients.



  • We offer different packages, it is your choice to select which plan works best for you.

  • We will offer you a contract – no need to panic! There are absolutely no catches!

  • All you need to do is to take that ACTION and take part in this proven step-by-step business formula.

  • We are 100% confident in our business model. Contact us to get you all set up for as little as £399.

AppealGuru - Amazon Suspension Appeal
Features Silver Plan Gold Plan Platinum Plan
Monthly Price £295.00 +VAT Monthly Fee £495.00 +VAT Monthly Fee £895.00 +VAT Monthly Fee
Products (lowest) 3,500 Products 6,000 Products 10,000 Products
No Competition
No Trademark Issues
Sell in Marketplaces 5 marketplaces  6 marketplaces All marketplaces
Technical Support
Account Health Advice
Suspension Prevention Plan
Appeal Support For Suspensions
Full Automated Store (Full Management)
Advantage of Moving Some of The Products to FBA
Profit Margins Minimum 30%  Minimum 35% Minimum 40%
Set Up Fee Silver: £3,999.00 +VAT
– One off payment
Gold: £4499.00 +VAT
– One off payment
Platinum: £4,999.00 +VAT
– Annual payment


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