Are you someone looking to skyrocket your Amazon sales? Or someone interested in collecting all the tips and techniques to ace in your Amazon business? Then this course is undoubtedly going to help you.

Amazon is one of the top online marketplaces where shoppers come to buy almost anything at reasonable prices. With its rising popularity, more and more retailers are joining the tribe of Amazon sellers. So to stay ahead of the building competition, it becomes vital that a seller understands the best practices of Amazon PPC and SEO.

Who should attend this course?

  • Amazon Sellers Central Users
  • Amazon Vendor Central Users

  • Anyone who wants to launch a successful Amazon private label business

How does our course help you scale your business?

Amazon advertising involves the following types of ads, namely, Amazon posts, sponsored products, sponsored brands, sponsored displays, audio ads, and video ads. These ads allow you to place your products at the top, bottom, and right-hand side of your search results. The advantage of Amazon ads is that they enhance your visibility and sales and are effortless to handle. Learn how to make the best use of Amazon ads and leverage its services to boost sales.

Detailed Course Outline:

Amazon Search Engine Optimisation

  • How does Amazon SEO work?
  • How does product ranking happen?

  • Product content optimisation tips and techniques

Amazon PPC Basic Introduction

  • What is Amazon PPC? Introduction and impact
  • Sponsored products: basics and benefits
  • Exploring opportunities for your products

Campaign Structure

  • Basic Campaign structure

  • Campaign manager

  • Best practices for successful campaigns

Keyword Research and Best Practices

  • Fine-tune your keyword research processes
  • Campaign manager

Creating Campaigns

  • Introduction and step by step process

  • Keywords Types Broad, Phrase, Exact Match

  • Automatic Campaigns vs Manual Campaigns

Advertising Reporting

  • Understanding Amazon PPC Metrics

  • Creating plans to action reports

  • Analysing Search term reports and other ASIN reports

Campaign Performance Optimisation

  • Bids management
  • Learn ad variations

  • Negative keyword-Impact and best practices

  • Bidding strategies

  • Product targeting strategies

  • Other ASINs conversion and what can you learn from it

  • Optimising product copy with converting keywords

Amazon Marketing Services: Basics

  • Headline Display and Product display ads

  • Creating Headline Display Ads

  • A/ B Testing

  • Optimising Headline Display

  • Best Practices

Amazon Marketing Services: In-depth

  • Creating Product Display Ads

  • A/ B Testing

  • Optimising Product Display Ads

  • Best Practices

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Price : £795.00 + VAT
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