Amazon Best Seller Mark

Amazon’s Best Seller Mark is awarded to top sellers and can be found on the top-left corner of a product. This generally indicates that products have a higher ranking in terms of sales, allowing customers to make a better-informed purchasing decision. This mark was introduced a few years ago by Amazon.

Amazon used to show the mark only for a sole seller in a specific category. Now, there can be 100 best sellers in every category.

Having the bestseller mark boosts your listings on top of the customer’s search result. In some cases, they can show up even if the customer searches using an unrelated search term within the category.

Amazon’s Choice Mark

In addition to the Amazon Best Seller mark, Amazon also introduced Amazon’s Choice Mark in 2015. This was mainly done to simplify the shopping experience on Alexa (Virtual AI Technology Assistant).

By using voice command search on Alexa, it responds only to specific product results. This assistant is used to access customers’ previous orders and product recommendations. If a customer’s orders aren’t available, Amazon’s Choices within the category are used to suggest the results.

Amazon’s Choice mark is now also available on the search results page of the web browser and mobile app. Simlar to the best sellers, Amazon’s Choice serves as a straight recommendation to purchase a product.

It creates a positive impact on sales as it brings out consumer attention and trust. Obtaining this mark will be beneficial for sellers.

Amazon Choice Mark

How to get Amazon Best Seller and Amazon’s Choice

Amazon’s algorithm determines the search ranking of a particular product. Simply put, the Amazon Best Seller mark is awarded to the product that has the highest number of sales in a specific category. Also, Amazon’s algorithm updates the best seller ranking every hour.

Although Amazon never specified the exact metrics influencing the best seller rank, it is evident that sales history and sales velocity play an essential part in determining the best seller rank of a product.

Here are some ways to maintain consistent sales and potentially get the Best Sellers Mark.

1) Creating an optimized product listing

To create an optimized product listing, you need to perform keyword research. This will significantly help you understand your consumer’s behavior better.

The most common way is to go to and type in the first few keywords of your own product. Amazon then will offer a few suggestions from which you can select the ones that are relevant to your listing.

2) Targeting the right category

Not all categories in Amazon are similar, and certain categories are highly competitive than others. It is easier to get the best seller mark in a smaller niche or subcategory.

3) Maintaining competitive pricing

Competitive pricing wins more sales. This can lead to better product ranking. Offering your product at a resonable price can be acceptable for the consumers.

Tracking your competition and coming up with competitive pricing will boost your chances to get the Amazon Best Seller Mark.

4) Creating a concrete advertising strategy 

Availing the Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns are a great way to boost your sales and ranking. Sellers can take advantage of this to easily outrank the competition.