Amazon Global Selling is a program that allows us to list and sell our products across the world on Amazon’s Global market place. You can become an international seller with Amazon Global Selling program and sell to hundreds of millions of customers across the world. There are very few sellers who prefer expanding beyond their countries. By selling only in your native country, you are limiting your sales to a great extent. With the help of Amazon Global, you can now easily expand your e-commerce business worldwide.

How does it work?


  • Decide on where do you want to sell:

    Amazon’s 13 global marketplaces include the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Japan, Australia, Singapore and UAE. Each region has millions of customers with unique cultures and preferences. You can sell anywhere and everywhere you want to. It’s up to you!

  • Complete listings of your products:

    Choose a proper product category to list your products on the Amazon seller site. Categorize according to the products list available on the site. Use easy-to-use listing tools on Amazon site to place them on the Amazon market place.

  • Make your product visible:

    Through the use of Amazon Sponsored Products on the Amazon official site make your products visible and increase it for maximum visibility to the customers using many techniques to high-light your products. The best way to make your product visible is PPC which is pay-per-cost.

  • Receive orders for your products:

    As soon as you are registered on the seller site of amazon, Customers then see your products and make a purchase. When this happens, you will get notifications as to where should you ship your products to.

  • Opting for FBA:

    Customer service and international shipping are no longer complicated, as Amazon has made it simpler with FBA. You can opt for Fulfilment by Amazon where Amazon will take care of storing, packing, shipping and supplying the products to the customers.

  • Receive payments:

    Once your products are delivered to the customers, Amazon takes care of collecting the price of the products. After deducting the basic amount, Amazon debits the amount directly into your bank account.


    Benefits of Amazon Global Selling:

    The best thing in Amazon selling process is that your products selling efforts are all borne by Amazon FBA, such as taking care, storing, packing, and shipping, supplying & collecting the price of the products and depositing the amount in your account. Although there are few benefits mentioned below:

  • Global Retail Access:

    Amazon Global Selling allows you to be able to sell to the top international retail markets more quickly and easily than trying to enter these spaces on your own. By launching internationally on Amazon, you gain immediate access to 150 million more customers in 180 countries.

    The process of getting your business set up to sell international can seem daunting. However, when you realize that a big portion of the work is already done – finding customers who trust enough to buy online – it becomes feasible, even for smaller businesses. You can find the greatest advantage on Amazon.

  • Large customer base:

    When registering with the Amazon seller account, you can get access to a large number of the customer base which can increase your sales. Your products will be available for sale for people worldwide.

  • Advantages of FBA:

    After you opt for Amazon FBA, you have no need to worry about your products or to sell the products to customers at distant places. Amazon FBA takes care of everything including shipping your products to the customers and collecting the payment for the products and then depositing the amount in your account.

  • Earn in different currencies: 

    By becoming a seller on Amazon seller central your products are available for purchase to many customers all around the world. With the customers in different countries they will pay for the products in their own currencies. Amazon takes care of this issue by changing the currencies into INR and depositing the amount into your account.

    Get ready for global selling!

    It’s time to think big and look beyond, to grow your business.
    You too can start selling to the world.