Amazon is a valuable platform for establishing your brand, selling products, and increasing your consumer base. receives nearly 3 million unique visitors per day. Although, you’re not alone on Amazon. Lots of retailers are competing with one another, and with Amazon itself. This article will allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition and increase your sales on this channel. Following are the steps that are very important and you need to take in order to grab the customer’s attention on Amazon:

Product Title

  • The title of the product plays an important role to get the attention of the customers.
  • When aligning your product with buyers’ search queries, your product title should be a top priority.
  • The key is knowing which search terms potential buyers are using again and again and then making sure your title and search terms match those which Includes the essential things like product name, brand or make, and details like size, color or case-pack.
  • Then expand from there with other selling points that apply to your product.
  • Don’t hesitate or feel shy from powerful, descriptive words that convey key attributes or qualities (think “organic” and “luxury”). Titles have a 200-character limit, so make each word count.
  • Try to give more and more importance to it.

Search Terms of the product

  • This should definitely be your next priority.
  • The idea is to include search terms that a consumer is most likely to search for themselves.
  • To increase the chances of getting your product spotted, Amazon gives you additional search terms not used in the title.
  • These won’t appear in your title, but if a consumer uses these words when searching, the chances of your product listing appearing are enhanced significantly.
  • For each search term, Amazon recommends an average of two to three words.
  • It’s also helpful to remember that the sellers are automatically included, so there’s no need to include them in your search terms.
  • You have to keep this in mind that what are the possible search terms that the customer can use to search the product.

Get your product images right

  • Providing a good quality of images to customers is the first impression of a product, so it’s important that they clearly depict the product.
  • Make sure that the images have a high resolution so that customers can zoom in to see every minor detail of the product.
  • Show the exact shape and size of the product. Add pictures of the product from different angles so that customers can make sure about the product.
  • Include an image of the product packaging and product in use.
  • You can also add a video of the product


Adding bullet points and product descriptions to convey product features and benefits

Bullet points and product descriptions provide you another opportunity to convey the benefits and features of your product to increase conversions and opportunities.

  • Amazon allows five bullet points for product features, so you should aim to cover the most important points there.
  • Mention the most important features in the top 2-3 bullets
  • Include materials or product quality details.
  • Include product warranties or guarantees that you’re offering
  • Provide product uses and benefits or mention any problems that the product will help solve
  • Ensure that you cover all important features, but do not make the bullets too wordy.
  • You can add any product keywords that you have not mentioned in the title.
  • Mention any additional products or parts that come with the product.

Follow-ups to all Emails

It always impacts a good impression that you care for the customers. You should follow-up with customers that purchased your products and ask for a review. It’s a good practice to provide a direct link to make it easy for customers to review your product.

Encourage product reviews

Reviews on any product play an important role in customer buying decisions. According to a survey, 93% of customers say that online reviews affect their purchase decision. Similarly, ratings also play an important role. Many consumers don’t buy from brands rated less than 3.3 stars.

Final Thought:

Thousands of other businesses are profiting from the above steps. So, the question that comes to mind is, why aren’t you? Shoppers have become nearly twice as more likely to start their product research on Amazon than on Google. This is why it’s exceptionally important to stay up to date with trends and patterns on Amazon to understand how you can leverage the variety of platforms at your disposal to create sales. The above points are excellent ways to help you drive traffic to your Amazon Product Listings and prepare your Amazon store for the future.