Amazon content optimization is a process involving improving your page’s product description, product images, and overall content for a good ranking in Amazon’s search results. Amazon content optimization does not only give you the visibility your store deserves, but it also builds your customer’s trust in your service.

If you have an inkling of digital marketing, you’ve probably come across the basics of optimizing your page’s content. Some strategies looked dazzling, but there are definitely overlooked ones that you can use to your advantage.

How Can Amazon Content Optimization Benefit Your Sales?

As an Amazon seller, you don’t just sell stuff. You also want to provide the best customer experience ever, and part of that is making your store’s page content smooth, readable, genuine, professional-looking, and easy to navigate. By doing so, you’re giving your business a good fighting chance.

Overlooked Content Optimization Opportunities

If you are to put your feet on a customer’s shoe, you wouldn’t want to shop on an Amazon page with vague and very little information on a product. You risk losing a client over a badly presented product listing. Worse, customers who’ve come across that page might never trust the store again.

Below are three of the most overlooked opportunities for improving content optimization. Update them and see results in the long run.

1) Your images are your BEST assets

  • Use all of the available image slots in your product listing. The more images you upload, the more enticing and well-informed your product listing would look.
  • Use quality photos. Avoid uploading pixelated ones.
  • Don’t upload photos that aren’t genuinely reflective of the actual product.
Amazon Product Images Optimization
Catches Attention with Amazon Product Videos

2) Movement Catches Attention

Aside from product images, product videos add pizzazz to your product listing’s image. With product videos, you are giving your customers a chance to almost capture what the actual product looks like and how it works. Product videos almost fill the void of shopping personally.

Here are some video content ideas you can use:

  • Present the ins and outs of your product
  • Do a mini-presentation of what the product can do/ how-to-use
  • Add an extra layer by explaining some other facts you would want your audience to know about the product.

3) Amazon’s Helpful Programs

Through the years, Amazon has launched several helpful programs for their sellers. Some of which helps with brand protection, marketing, and more. Here are some that you would probably want to utilize:

  • Vine: Getting customers’ reviews of your service is difficult, but it’s such an essential driver of sales that some sellers sought Vine’s help. Check out Vine and how it can help you via Seller Central and Vendor Central. Vine is great for new products with only less than 30 reviews.
  • Brand Registry: Amazon wants to protect the intellectual property rights of sellers who have unique brands, ideas, services, etc. That was the reason why they launched their Brand Registry Program in the first place.
    Engaging with the program means:

    • Your brand, product, or service gets an accurate representation on Amazon.
    • No one can blatantly copy/steal your unique idea, product, brand, or service.
    • Full usage of tools to help find infringement cases.
    • Access to tools like Sponsored Brand ads, stores, and more.
    • 24/7 hour support from Amazon’s customer service.
  • Promotion Opportunities: Take advantage of Amazon’s coupons, discounts, deals, subscriptions, and more to entice more customers to purchase from your store.
Amazon vine and brand protection

Create a Strong Product Listing

Create a Strong Product Listing

Here are the basic Amazon content optimizations you’re probably overlooking and should start updating soon:

Keyword Research and Implementation

Researching for valuable keywords and incorporating them in your product listing’s page is one of the hallmarks of successful Amazon content optimization. This line is the difference you need from having 10 views to your page sitting right at the top of Amazon’s search results.

Writing listing copy

Aside from following the basics of SEO and appealing to Amazon’s SERP algorithms, your writing listing copy should also capture your audience’s attention.

High-Quality Images & Videos

If your writing listing copy works hard to capture your audience’s attention, your product listing’s images and videos should work harder as well.