Customer engagement and loyalty can help your business in numerous ways. Brands that work on their customer engagement are most likely to turn their customers into followers. Hence, many businesses are getting serious about it to beat this cutthroat competition.

Thankfully, Amazon’s new feature called “Manage your customer engagement” will allow businesses to manage their customers effectively. This is a feature that has been released to only the brand registered sellers. In this blog, we will understand everything you need to know about the customer engagement tool on Amazon. So let’s get started.

How does customer engagement help your business?

It’s not a new fact that customers who get personalized attention are more likely to connect with the same brand for their future purchases. The success of a brand depends on how well they serve their customers with good quality products and services. Customer engagement is a key factor that not just enhances your sales but build a long-term community of followers for your brand.

Shoppers can follow their favourite brands and get notified on sales, offers or new product launches. This also allows the brands to create a relationship with their shoppers and communicate with them.

Well, the customer engagement tool on Amazon is more than just emails and notifications. It’s a marketing tool if used effectively can help you build long-lasting customer relationships. With this tool, your brand can increase your products’ visibility, communicate and market your product directly to the shoppers, and finally create loyalty to amazon customers around your brand.

5 step process to set up the customer engagement tool

As mentioned above, this customer engagement tool is exclusively available to the Amazon registered brands only. Through this tool, your brand gets a dedicated landing page with only your products on display. To access the amazing features of this tool, you need to set up your storefront using these 5 easy steps:

  • Upload your brand logo- Your brand logo must be in JPG format with a black or white background. It can also be a PNG format with a transparent format.
  • Products- You must select products for the new launch campaign and make them available for the last six months for sale.
  • High-quality supporting image- Show your customers how the product works or benefits using some good quality images.
    Schedule your campaigns- You can schedule your email campaigns between Monday to Friday only. So schedule accordingly.
  • Wait for approval- Amazon usually takes 72 hours to review and approve the campaign.

The ‘Manage your customer engagement’ feature is a real game-changer for your online marketing strategies. From an internal messaging system for communicating with the customers to knowing the open rates and total clicks, this is a feature that can drive the brand towards growth.

Other tools to grow your brand followers

Well, this customer engagement tool is not the only one that Amazon has an offer for building a brand identity on this largest marketplace in the world. Here are some other tools to boost your brand followers:

  • Amazon Seller Feedback
  • Amazon Connect
  • Amazon posts
  • Amazon Live
  • Content optimisation
  • Email marketing
  • Social media

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How does Amazon promise customer engagement with this tool?

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Final thoughts

Brands have to form a concise marketing strategy to stay at the helm. When it comes to digital marketing, reaching out to customers in the most human way possible is vital. Because customers do not always want to communicate with bots. But they prefer personalized engagement to become followers in the long run. With this aim, Amazon’s new customer engagement tool can be handy in establishing your brand reputation on this platform.

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