Some of us probably have been toying on the idea of selling Amazon Canada. You’re in luck because the blog is a one-stop-shop of everything, “Amazon Canada.”

Benefits of selling in Amazon Canada

According to research, here are some of the reasons why you should consider selling in Amazon Canada.

  1. In 2019, e-commerce retail trade sales in Canada averaged 1.85 billion Canadian dollars. This figure means approximately 28.1 million Canadians have engaged in online purchasing in the same year.
  2. As per eMarketer, Amazon is the top online selling platform in Canada.

How to Start Selling on Amazon Canada

Here are some of the most basic things to consider in starting your business via Amazon Canada.

  1. Choose wisely in which Amazon geographical platform are you going to sell
    Canadians can still purchase from your online store via “,” but there is a little but significant difference in “” and “”
    In a feature from, Pat Petriello, Director, Amazon Strategy at Tinuiti, said, “While Sellers can make their products on .com available to Canadian-based buyers, they wouldn’t get their products in front of those shoppers searching on Amazon Canada unless they listed in the .ca marketplace.”
  2. Choose the best-selling products for the Canadian consumer
    To know the best products to sell in Canada, start by viewing the top-selling products in “” Now, selling the most popular or top-selling products doesn’t necessarily translate to huge engagements or purchases.
    To be safe, thread the water lightly at first, start small. If your chosen products seem to do well according to your projections, you can add more in your inventory or even expand your catalog.
  3. Customize your marketing strategy for
    Start by knowing keywords (or search phrases or terms) with the best chances of conversion (or turning a searcher into an actual buyer) in Amazon Canada. This strategy is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or getting your online store page on Amazon or Google’s top pages. SEO is a fickle business, but when done right, it can earn you lots of audiences. There are several tutorials available online regarding SEO, but if you’re not up for the task, simply hire an SEO expert.
  4. Balance out your product price and demand
    You might get discouraged from selling on Amazon Canada because they cost more originally because of shipping fees, and 50 Canadian dollars in the US is $38.58. However, remember that you can increase your costing by 35% to 40% as a US seller to cover your extra operational costs for Canada.
    The rule of thumb is, the more your product listing costs, the harder it is to sell or the lower the demand for it. It would be best if you went around this economic rule by pointing out, for example, that you have a “free shipping” feature.
    Try to use the most affordable but best delivery company of choice, so you get to lower your costing and deliver your purchases hassle-free.
  5. Prepare your operations, and custom fit them according to Amazon Canada’s protocols and standards
    Your operations should run smoothly within Canadian borders. To achieve that, plan your:

    • Shipping costs
    • Lead times
    • Tariffs
    • Exchange rates between the US and Canadian dollar
    • Fulfillment
    • And other logistics such as your storage, shipping delivery of choice, and so on.