A Product Detail Page is a web page on an e-commerce site which gives the description of a particular product in view. The details include Size, Colour, Price, Shipping information, reviews and other useful information customers may want to know before purchasing. The product detail page may include the manufacturer and brand details of the product. Product Detail Page can be demonstrated not only by texts, but can be done by showing images or videos of the products. The Product Detail Page is also considered as an encyclopedia for the product or even as a brochure which solely focuses on a given product. The product detail page may convert a visitor into a potential customer or not, depending on our skills in presenting the product details.

Important points to note in a Product Detail Page:

  • It should convince the visitor into becoming your customer to purchase from you.
  • The page must contain as much information about the product as possible.
  • Do not include any false or misleading information in an attempt to make your product look good.

How to master an Amazon product detail page?   




An Amazon Product detail page is something that a consumer wants to look into to know more about the product he wants to buy. The right product page can explain the difference between a lost customer and a buyer. Some fundamental details to be included in the product detail page of your products are:

  • Name of the product which makes the customer aware of the product he is looking, by just seeing the title.
  • Product brand which is written with the title of the product.
  • Image of the product which shows the buyer the product he wants to purchase.
  • Average rating of the product which tells the customer how a particular product is rated on an average basis. This tells the customer how a product satisfies a customer depending on their average ratings of the product.
  • Product price is a charge on the product which tells the customer how much he has to pay to buy the product.
  • Fulfilment Methods which a buyer can fulfil on his own terms then they will see Amazon’s performance of fulfilment using FBA method for Prime-eligible products.
  • Product details include the bullet points, features and descriptions on the products which can be in a lengthy note to describe the products more briefly.
  • Product variants include the size, colour, material etc. of the products.
  • Frequently bought together products are the additional equipment that come with some of the products like data cable, charging cables, extra batteries, cases, etc.

The Product detail page becomes a decision point which tells us the difference between a customer buying the product from us or buying that product from elsewhere. The product must convince a customer in such a way that he/she should believe that buying the product from elsewhere will be a disadvantage for him or her. Good product detail page includes following points:

  1. Good quality images: The images shown in the product description must be true and in good quality. There should not be any image which in any way misleads the buyer.
  2. Video on the product: A video of the product explaining about it becomes a plus point in convincing the buyer to get attracted towards our product.
  3. Features of the product: The features of the product must include all the things that a product has. The features must be very convincing to the buyer to buy from us.
  4. Benefits from the product: The benefits or advantages from the product a buyer gets on purchasing our product can be very essential in attracting potential customers towards us.


When you’re done, you should have an Amazon product listing that:

  • Ranks high by adding more keywords that helps into Amazon search results.
  • Description and bullet points should be in a way that engages shoppers and walks them through the features/benefits of your item.
  • Delivers much-needed details to boost confidence and knowledge so customers are eager to purchase!



Product detailed page is essential to increase Amazon sales and revenues. Since Amazon is a competitive platform for sellers, using a well-formulated strategy on your product detail page can make a difference. When your product detail page is completed, Amazon’s search algorithm displays your products at a higher ranking in the relevant search query. Thus, Amazon product detail page is an essential marketing strategy for sellers on Amazon.