If your Amazon account is still active and no sign of suspension is looming in your horizon, you are in luck. You still have time to prevent future suspensions. However, if your account was suspended already, don’t panic just yet. Sit tight and calm yourself, knowing that there’s a solution called POA or “plan of action.”

The idea of a POA

A plan of action is done once your account is suspended for any imaginable reasons. Even if your account is not suspended, it’s good to know how to do your plan of action effectively. It’s one of the most basic preparedness planning you can cover your business into. Let’s face it; suspension of your Amazon account can hurt your business in the most detrimental way not just financially but image-wise too.

If Amazon asks you for a POA, you got to give them what they require. For example, if they ask you about your latest transaction invoices, receipts, and more, you have to give it to them, or else you’ll endanger your business from not opening sooner than you would want to.

In POAs, you tell them that everything’s a misunderstanding and that you’ve prepared a preventive action in case the problem arises again. You don’t casually construct your email. You have to sound professional, and you have to give every bit of information about the problematic transaction.

With this, you might need to hire somebody that’s built to do professional appeal letters to Amazon. This is especially useful if your business can’t afford another hang time.

What does a POA process include?

Amazon Plan Of Action

A plan of action has several parts, namely, recognition, solution, and prevention. First, you need to recognize the root of the problem. Why was your Amazon suspended in the first place? Once you recognized the problem, it’s time to dive into the solution.

The second step is pretty much a damage control situation. In this step, you refund customers that were affected by the problematic transactions and solved anything that your customers have problems.

Then, you need to write an appeal letter to Amazon asking to reinstate your account. Find their current mailing address on their website as their emailing address sometimes change. An Amazon account customer service associate will cater to your appeal letter.

The agent will be persistent or not persistent, according to your case. If you completely accomplished everything that they’ve asked you to provide, the earlier your suspension account will be lifted from them.

What are the things to include in your appeal letter? First, you need to detail the misunderstanding that happened. If you’re not guilty of what they’re accusing you of, send them all possible evidence to prove your innocence.

Some of these evidences could be receipts, photos, and so on. Second, you need to provide an actionable plan to prevent the problematic transaction from happening again. Amazon needs to be reassured that this problem isn’t going to appear in the future.

Lastly, once your suspended account is back in action, please try to look up on the Amazon suspension policies. Keep yourself familiar with their do’s and don’ts to prevent future Amazon account suspensions.

Final thought

Amazon pride themselves with credible store partners like you. That’s why when they see red flags, especially fraud in your end, they’ll have no second thoughts about suspending your account.

Whether your account is not suspended or is currently suspended, it’s nice to know the process of POA and the different aspects of it. This is to prepare you for the worse and let you be more confident in your future transactions and campaigns.