As the holiday season is coming near, it is better to take preemptive measures to prevent account suspension. November and December are the busiest months for the sellers. It is the key to success as well as failure for the business also.  Do not let the Amazon steal your Christmas sale spirit by suspending your account.

Follow these simple yet effective tips to protect your account getting suspended by account:

Tip #1: Maintain the Stock

The most important rule to survive the crunch period is to maintain the inventory. Make sure that all your popular products have enough stock available. Check the inventory daily so that no product becomes unavailable. Do your inventory sales research to find out which products were sold the most in the past. If you do not track your inventory proactively, then it will affect your seller performance.

Tip #2: Performance metrics

To maintain the performance metrics, it is essential to manage your orders and fulfill them quickly. Confirm the shipments and dispatch the orders on time. Once shipped, provide tracking number and shipment details to the customer.

If you send the orders late, then it will lead to a poor buyer experience. Late shipment rates above 4% result in automatic suspensions.

Tip #3: Provide excellent customer service

Make sure to respond to buyers within 24 hours. Missing buyer responses often lead to rapid complaints to Customer Service about you. Address the buyer’s problems quickly and professionally. By providing excellent service, you might get buyer appreciation in the form of positive feedback.

Provide tracking number and carrier name to the customer as soon as you dispatch the order. Giving buyers a way to track shipment will prevent them to raise the query regarding their parcel, and it will buy you more time. Receiving positive feedbacks are considered essential to success on Amazon.

Tip #4: Performance notification

If you ever receive performance notification regarding buyer complaints about the in-authenticity of the products then do not take it lightly ignoring them.

Ignoring this notification will be a perfect way to invite an account suspension from Amazon. Make sure to attend the issues promptly and fix the problems faced by the customer by resolving them. Excessive order defect rates can cause account suspensions and even account closures.

Tip #5: Deal with negative feedback

Deal with Negative Feedback

To prevent account suspension, it is essential to dispatch orders on time and to communicate and resolve the issues faced by buyer quickly as per the above discussion. If you did not handle that proactively, then it will result in buyer giving negative feedback. If your negative feedback rate is higher than 5%, it will impact on your account health performance.

Tip #6: Check Product conditions

Check all your inventory correctly and check it twice before sending it. If you are selling consumables, then check its expiration date. If your product is fragile, then make sure there are no broken sign. Pack it properly before sending so that it does not get damaged during transit. This will result in fewer customer complaints and bad reviews.

Despite taking all these preventive measures your account gets suspended, conduct a review and analyze all your operations so that you can get a bright idea about what went wrong with it. You will need a solid plan of action to get the account reinstated quickly.