In 2019 alone, there were millions of active customers on the global online selling phenomenon, Amazon. An estimated hundred and six million customers shop daily on the site. A study in 2016 reported that the world’s 50% of online shoppers go to Amazon first before any other online shopping site.

Those facts and figures are some of the most motivating things on why one should put up a business under Amazon. But how do you actually thrive on it? In this article, we’ll cover the basics on ways to grow your Amazon business and answer the question of why it pays to spend on an Amazon advertising even in this pandemic.

Basic ways to grow an Amazon business

1.  Don’t skip marketing

Don’t just rely on Amazon to do the marketing for you. Invest in your online marketing strategies. Some of the best marketing tools to use are landing pages, blogs, websites, and social media sites.

Fully optimize your chosen marketing tool by hiring someone with SEO experience. SEO helps put your page on the top results of an online search.

2.  Your listing title and product description should be accurate down to the seams

Product title

Your listing title should accurately state what you’re selling. If it helps, think of what people will search on google when trying to look for your product. Give some thought on your product descriptions. Check if the descriptions are accurate. Customers regret buying something that doesn’t fit the description they’re expecting.

3.  Sell your product in the listing

Use your product title and description to stand-out. Keep your customers in mind when writing your product title and description. Consider adding extra descriptions such as FAQS about your product.

4.  Your promotional photos should be large, clear, and accurate

When customers look upon a product’s online image, they’re expecting that that is what they’re going to have “exactly.” With that said, you shouldn’t try to fool them.

5.  Encourage good reviews for your store

Online shoppers look for reviews more than anything. Your products are likely to sell when potential customers see that your previous buyers we’re happy with their transactions. With that said, don’t be shy to ask for glowing customer reviews from your buyers.

6.  Choose the right category and sub-categories

Product Categories

For the right customers to find you, you have to be careful about where to put a listing. This makes your product more visible.

Is it still worth spending on Amazon Advertising in the pandemic?

Yes. Here’s why:

Not every Amazon seller is hurting. Amazon is going as strong as ever. People heavily rely on online platforms such as Amazon on their purchases. Cleveland Research Company reported that Amazon continues to grow in the middle of the pandemic, particularly in the Food and Consumables section.

With that said, now is the time to use available amazon advertising tools such as PPC.

Amazon sellers are in their vulnerable state now because of the surge of demand, so now is the time to increase your visibility by improving your organic standing and reviews. Unlike some other traffic tools, Amazon PPC is 100% attributable.

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