This topic will tackle how you can make most of Amazon Seller Central, but before that, let’s define Amazon Seller Central first.

What is Amazon Seller Central?

If you’re a beginner, wading through the world of Amazon, online selling could be tough. To guide you in the ins and outs of online selling, refer to the Amazon Seller Central. Amazon Seller Central simplifies the process for you and equips you with everything you should know about selling in Amazon.

With Amazon Seller Central, you get to know things like payments, website design, and maintenance, dealing with returns, drafting an appeal letter, and more. Aside from Amazon Seller Central’s jam packed information, they also offer services like “Fulfillment By Amazon.” Fulfillment By Amazon allows you to let one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers store, take care, ship, take care of returns, and more of your inventories with a fee, of course.

How can you benefit the most from Amazon Seller Central?

In using Amazon Seller Central, you’ll want to get all the benefits that you can get from them. Below are some things that I recommend you to do to get what you want to achieve from Amazon Seller Central.

Your listings on the web should look good:

Your listings wouldn’t sell even if they’re the most high-quality listings of all listing if your listings look bad on the web. Make sure your graphics and design look sharp and well lit. Aside from graphics, check your title description too. Make sure to include in your description, the model, color, and actual size of the product. Include top keywords in your description to leverage the viewability of your listings. You can search the top keywords on Amazon’s A9 algorithm ranks listing results.

Read the business metrics:

Amazon Seller Central has a default business metrics that tells you your KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. These numbers are collected from your business transactions and business activities. Familiarize yourself in their business metrics. In no time, you’ll see patterns and trends that’ll help you optimize your listings in the future. Below are some of the most important indicators that you should take note:

  • The number of viewers
  • The number of items sold
  • The rate of your conversion (How many viewers actually turned to customers)
  • Pay Per Click reports
  • Sales reports
  • Product returns metrics.
  • Reviews from customers.
  • Amazon seller central reports

Use the Amazon Seller Central Resources:

Devour the information written in the Seller Central help page. They’ll help you a lot in the instance that you’re just starting out. You’ll find articles that’ll help you how to deal with returns, how to write a proper listing description, and more. Amazon Seller Central has community forums too. Try to post questions and help others by answering their queries.

Your customer support should be top-notch:

Your shoppers expect your products to be of great quality, and they expect your customer support to be as great as well. To achieve great customer support, use your Seller Central as a tool. From there, you do your bit of answering queries as quickly as possible, handle the returns fast, do the refunding transaction fast, and so on.

You also have the option to let Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) to handle your customer service support system. With a cost, they’ll do the customer service support for you, around the clock.