Here at Appeal Guru, we are committed to implementing defensive strategies in all our operations during this challenging time. Our planned strategies are designed to continue to deliver you our key services despite the limited resources brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are still open for Amazon Seller Support and ready to serve you anytime despite the limited resources and workforce this global pandemic brings to all business. To show you our commitment to excellence regardless of events, we’ll let you take a sneak peek into how we are battling to keep our windows open for you.

Business Continuity & Customer Impact

The business continuity of Appeal Guru continues to evolve, but our key ingredient at this disastrous time is “proactive.” Every time we see an opportunity to tweak something for the safety of our employees and customers, we do it. By doing our business continuity plan, we make sure that our operations run safely in any minor or major event. Below are some of the business continuity and customer impact plan that we are currently following:

1) We’ve widened our communication system:

Because we discourage close contact with our customers, we are maximizing our communication channels. Aside from our direct landline, you can also reach through our email address.

We’ve also installed an Emergency Management Team inside our organization to cater to remote-based jobs and other emergency-related activities.

2) We adhere to the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

We actively run through BCMS, a system that ensures all our operations are up and running. The plans within BCMS define our objective, dependencies, and steps to limit the impact that this global pandemic is plaguing as with.

We have an internal management team that checks that all our operations run through the guidelines of BCMS. Below are some BCMS guidelines that we follow daily and annually assessed:

  • Our internal organization should be aligned with BCMS guidelines;
  • We should do defensive strategies like Business Impact Assessment (BIA) and Risk Appetite assessments;
  • Our system’s health is effectively assessed through the use of quarterly BCP drill exercises;

Ensuring Safety, Processes & Procedures

To ensure the safety of our employees and customers, we adhere to the basic occupational health and safety program. Our safety programs during a pandemic manage the prevention of work-related virus contaminations and physical injuries. As a business with an office, we have a responsibility to keep our workplace safe and disinfected for our employees.

The basic elements of our occupational health and safety program are as follows:

  • We gave our employees an option to work remotely with a complete provision of work-setting tools such as computers, comms, tables, and more. As much as possible, only the skeletal forces of our organization are allowed to work in our bases and offices.
  • We regularly disinfect our offices and all our working hubs.
  • We train our office-based employees on the premise of safety and health practices in the middle of a pandemic. We provide written instructions and reminders to our office-based employees on the things they should do to prevent contamination.
  • In the event of a contamination, all suspected of getting in touch with the infected being is to be forced into quarantine or remote work. Further investigations will be done to know more persons in contact as well as to determine the places that need to be disinfected right away.

Final thought

Appeal Guru remains open despite the global pandemic, COVID-19. Our business continuity strategies, as well as the safety procedures we adhere to during these difficult times, keep our operations open. Our business continuity plan isn’t perfect, but it keeps on evolving for the better.

At this time, we are even more committed to bringing the best out of any situation. Please feel free to reach us for any seller account issues that you might have.