When it comes to selling products online, one of the most leading factors for success is having a good-looking product description that sells. While doing the listing of any product on Amazon, sellers must keep in mind they are competing with hundreds of other users. Subsequently, in order to stand out from the competition and gain an edge, they must write perfect product titles and descriptions, to attract more consumers and grow sales.

What is a product description?
Getting potential customers to your Amazon product listing is one thing, and actually convincing them to buy is the second thing. A product description is a detailed narration that explains what a product is and why it’s worth purchasing. The purpose of a product description is to supply customers with details around the features and benefits of the product so they’re pushed to buy. Even if you know how to develop a product description, you will need to rub up your knowledge and be aware of all latest advancements in marketing to be successful with your Amazon product description. This giant of e-commerce attracts millions of buyers and millions of visitors; however, the sellers face a great challenge because of huge competition.
As an online seller, the secret to writing appealing and catchy product descriptions is to follow a method that can engage and convince your buyer and help you sell your product. Here are a few simple steps that could help you write product descriptions that sell:

Understand your audience:

Audience Research
Research your audience thoroughly before you start making the description. You should understand him/her so well that you know what will make him/her click ‘buy now’. The best product descriptions address your ideal buyer directly and personally. You ask and answer questions as if you’re having a conversation with them. You choose the words your ideal buyer uses.
All you need is having a description in a way that a buyer thinks that you are answering his/her questions. Consider how you would speak to your ideal buyer if you were selling your product in a store, face-to-face. Now try and incorporate that language into your website so you can have a similar conversation online that resounds more deeply.

As you are writing your product description, keep these questions in mind:
• How did this person arrive on your page?
• What are his or her interests?
• Why would this person be interested in your product?
• What features or benefits would interest this person the most?

By keeping these questions in mind as you write the description, you will be better able to write a product description that sells.


Use HTML in Amazon product description:

Html in Amazon Product Description
The key for your description is to make it concise, descriptive (obviously) but most importantly, easy to read.
With a bit of formatting help, we can make descriptions easy to read and therefore increase the sale conversion. With a few simple HTML tags, you can quickly emphasize and structure your descriptions. Make them clearer and easier to read than a plain text paragraph.

Write your HTML description in the following way to know how to format Amazon product description:
• develop the description content
• add the code and HTML tags
• remove the line breaks and spaces and keep the description within the Amazon product description character limit

Nevertheless, it is absolutely possible to keep your Amazon description simple, optimize it for search, and meet the standards to increase Amazon sales considerably.

The main takeaway is that your product descriptions shouldn’t push your product so much as cut to the main points about why it will improve your customer’s life. If you look at your listings with a customer’s eye, instead of strictly from a seller’s point of view, you’re more likely to create listings that are effective for both rankings and conversions. Know your audience. Know your product. And then, show and tell with your online shop descriptions!