Setting up a T-Shirt business is impossible without a network or buyers, factories, and tons of blank tee shirts. However, with Merch by Amazon, it’s becoming easier!

Merch by Amazon is on-demand t-shirt printing services. It allows the sellers to create and list t-shirt designs on Amazon free-of-cost. In return, you get paid in the form of royalties when customers purchase your t-shirts.

The Merch Dashboard is the place where you can do the promotion of your t-shirts, upload designs and go through the sales analysis. The more designs you have to add on the site, the more opportunity you will have to make money. The royalties you receive vary depending on the prices set for your t-shirts. Merch by Amazon is Amazon’s program to help you make money from your creativity skills. You make designs for your t-shirts which then if selected by a customer, Amazon prints out that design onto the t-shirt the buyer wants and fulfills the order. You must have a documented permission to use a person’s name, likeness, or image in a Merch by Amazon design. This permission is important if the person is a celebrity, but is not necessary for everyone.


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How does it work?

Step 1:

-You must have any tax identification number or social security number:

You must have a legit tax identification number or a social security number to give for registration of your account on Merch by Amazon.

-You must have bank account numbers:

You must submit your bank account number during registration which functions as a way to have your money transferred directly to your account after sales or on receiving royalties.

-You must have business contact information:

You must have legit business information to prove that you are not a fraudster and that you are working in a legal organization.

Step 2: You must apply for request for invitation

Step 3: Sign into an account, may it be your own or a business account, that you have created for Merch by Amazon.

Step 4: Request for invitation form

Here you can fill your details accurately and proceed with the application. It may take time to get approval.

Advantages of Merch by Amazon:


Advantages of Merch by Amazon


The on-demand t-shirt printing company comes with many benefits:

  •   You can build your portfolio here if you have attractive designs.
  •   You can create new and one of a kind designs instead of borrowing other designs done by other sellers.
  •   You can earn royalties.
  •   No inventory risk.

What does Merch by Amazon do?


Merch by Amazon

Merch creates a product page on Amazon where buyers can purchase your designs. Amazon handles the customer services like production, shipping, etc.  Amazon Merch is much more hands off than FBA. Merch creators have unlimited possibilities to create and sell their t-shirts.

-Generate Revenue in a new way

With Merch by Amazon you can generate revenue in a new way by just letting the experts do the hard work and you can relax at home and earn money.

-Get benefits of Amazon’s expertise

With Merch by Amazon you can utilize the benefits of Amazon’s expertise of printing your designs on your merchandise and selling them to the customers on your behalf.